Today's Idea
Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chantey Blast and Pub Sing


How about starting the new year with some good old-fashioned fun? Mystic Seaport is gathering some of the Northeast’s finest chantey singers so you can party like it’s 1866. Or thereabouts.

As you’re probably aware, Mystic Seaport is all about maritime history, and the music you’ll enjoy here is no less authentic. From 1-5 pm, you’ll be entertained by sea chanteys – the type of song sailors would have sung as they worked, employing solos alternating with a group chorus – as well as maritime ballads and songs of the sea. It’s a Mystic Seaport event but it isn’t technically on the Mystic Seaport grounds – it takes place at Frohsinn Hall, a modestly sized multipurpose venue that was built in 1906 as a German heritage club.  

The nicest part about all this is the people involved, a talented and unassuming bunch who are happy to talk about the music they love. (They’re the same folks who play at Mystic Seaport’s annual Sea Music Festival, which takes place June 7-10 this year.) Admission is free, but a suggested donation of $15 is appreciated.

If you’re in a Mystic Seaport frame of mind, you might also want to explore all their current exhilarating exhibitions and maritime galleries throughout the year.