Today's Idea
Thursday, February 15, 2018

Third Thursday at RISD


With something new coming to town virtually every day in Providence, it can be easy to overlook the amazing things that are available pretty much 365 days a year. So how about some night-time fun at the RISD Museum that shouldn’t be missed?

Come check out what the RISD Museum is all about - watch demos, experiment with art-making materials, hear from students about their work, and learn to look at art and design in a new way. Not your average Thursday evening. And the event is free! See more details at:

Admission to the galleries are free on Thursday. (RISD charges other days of the week) RISD Museum is open 10 AM-5 PM (the event is open 5 - 9 PM.) If you want to get better acquainted with the Providence art scene, Gallery Nights are not to be missed. (See