Today's Idea
Friday, March 16, 2018

Bring Your Own Improv

Looking to be a little spontaneous this weekend? Drop in after hours at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and you can be part of the show at Bring Your Own Improv.

Voted the Best Comedy Show in Rhode Island in 2013, Bring Your Own Improv stages shows that are never the same twice. The troupe asks for input, and the actors put their own spin on it, usually with hilarious results. You can participate by applauding, yelling out suggestions (which the performers will instantaneously transform into unexpected comedic gems) or actually jump up on stage and become part of the action.

Unlike a lot of comedy shows, there’s a family friendly version, which takes place at 7 pm (there’s even a youth collective pre-show at 6 pm, included in the price). If you’d rather take in the no-holds-barred edition, the 9 pm show is a little less family friendly. Shows take place in the main gallery of the Warwick Center for the Arts on Friday evenings. Tickets are $8 for adults; $5 for kids, students, military and seniors (60+). Buy your tickets at the door, or you can pre-pay at