Today's Idea
Friday, May 18, 2018

Biplane Rides over Cape Cod

Does the idea of flying 1000 feet over breathtaking Cape Cod in a bright red 1930’s-style open cockpit biplane sound like fun? Maybe even at sunset? We thought so.

The place you want to go is Cape Cod Airfield in Marston’s Mill. There, Chris Siderwicz (a former commercial pilot) and his son (currently the airport manager of the historic airfield) are waiting to take you aloft in a Waco YMF-5 Biplane -- a replica of a late 1930’s design that was actually built in 1988. One or two passengers ride in the front cockpit, looking down on stunning views of the beaches, bridges, and nearby canal. Our recommendation: go as a couple (because you’re renting the plane, the price is the same for one or two), and go at sunset (yes, it costs $45 more – but what are magical memories worth?)

Rides are 15 minutes ($175), 25 minutes ($225), 35 minutes ($285) or 1 hour long for $480 -- sunset rides start at $330 – and go whenever the weather is good. Because your seat is deep and guarded by a windshield, you won’t feel windblown; the experience is far steadier than many people think. Bring a camera!

Although you can walk in, reservations are highly recommended. Hours are every day from 9:30am - 7 pm. Call 508-428-8732 to book your biplane ride.