Today's Idea
Sunday, June 17, 2018

17th Annual Sheep Festival


The good old days aren’t easy to find anymore, with farms of old having long given way to shopping malls and McDonalds around the country. But the beautiful and historic Taylor-Bray Farm has bucked that trend, and there may be no day better to check it out than during the 17th Annual Sheep Festival on Sunday, June 17.

Whether you’re into sheep or not, there’s something for you here. Beyond sheepherding and sheep shearing demonstrations, there are wool-spinning and weaving demos, hay wagon rides, hearth cooking, and an open house of the newly restored Farm House. It’s a rain or shine event, 9 AM to 4 PM; admission is a suggested donation of $5. Everyone’s invited, except for dogs (probably at the sheeps’ request.) Refreshments will be available, including a grill.

The Taylor-Bray Farm is a rare survivor of a type of property that once characterized the agricultural north side of Cape Cod, located on 23 acres of town-owned property that contains a house and barn (circa 1780-1820) and a variety of other structures. Captain Samuel Taylor, who had a remarkable Revolutionary War record, was the farm's most notable occupant. For more information, visit