Today's Idea
Sunday, September 16, 2018

Davis Mega Maze

Most of the year, Davis Farmland is a U-pick farm, with domestic animals for kids to pet and feed, pony and hayrides, and even a water sprayground. But in fall comes something that has made Davis Farm world famous – the Mega Maze.

Mazing has been a Davis specialty since 1995, and the mazes just seems to get bigger every year. (CNN has called the Davis Mega Maze the #1 Corn Field Maze in the world.) It’s redesigned annually, and encompasses 8 acres and almost 3 miles of puzzling pathways. Maze challenges come in every size – younger kids and grandparents will enjoy smaller 6-minute mazes in the Maze Courtyard; teenage and young adult experts will enjoy flashlight mazing (most Saturday nights in September). Most people will find the Mega Maze plenty challenging enough in daylight. Expect to spend at least a couple of hours – if you decide to take on the 7 Extreme Mazing Levels, you can easily spend an entire day. 

The Davis Mega Maze opens for the season on September 14, and operates on the weekends only – through October, weather permitting. Last Mega Maze admissions are 1½ hours before closing. Fall admission is $21.95 for adults & children (age 2+). To make sure of schedule and offerings, visit the website or call ahead: 978-422-6666.