Today's Idea
Sunday, September 2, 2018

King Richard's Faire


King Richard’s Faire brings back the days of yore to Carver year after year. You’ll see lads and ladies dressed in medieval garb — and not just among the staff and entertainers. Lots of guests dig into the recesses of their closets to free themselves of jeans and weekend chinos, and reveal themselves as a knight or woodland nymph. Never mind that they arrived in a Ford Focus! 

Go back in time and witness jousting, juggling, animal shows, acrobats and jesters. Heft a mighty turkey leg and wash it down with slogs of grog. Stroll among the shops stocked full of the latest in cutting-edge gadgets—from the 1500’s, mind you. See the white lion and tiger cubs, and take in entertainment on 8 different stages. 

King Richard's Faire runs weekends from September 1st through October 21st, but going at the start will assure that everything is at its freshest, from the cheeky humor to the energy levels of the performers and staff. You can buy tickets in advance online with credits cards or at the gate with cash only. Tickets bought online can be used any weekend, including Labor Day and Columbus Day, so no worries if plans change. The charge is $32 per adult, $16 per child, and gates are open from 10:30am to 6pm. For more info, see their website at