Today's Idea
Thursday, February 20, 2020

Save the Bay Seal Tours


Getting out on the waters of the Narragansett Bay in February might seem a little crazy, but believe us, it isn’t. It’s actually the only time to catch the migratory harbor seals who find it pleasant to relocate to the Bay in midwinter. (Now we’re talking crazy.)


Harbor seals, sometimes called dogs of the sea, love the chilly waters, and are so cute and charming, they’ve been named the Rhode Island state mammal. Save the Bay has been offering these tours for over 15 years, fulfilling their mission of educating people about the bay itself (and restoring it to a fully swimmable and fishable body.) Trips last an hour, and there are usually a couple (or more) each day the boats operate; on February 20, trips depart at 10 and 11 am.


Tours are on boats with a heated cabin and outdoor viewing deck, with expert guides pointing the way and binoculars that allow you to get a good look at the seasonal visitors. Trips leave from Bowen’s Ferry Landing and motor out to scenic Citing Rock, a favorite harbor seal resting spot. Tickets are $22 adults; $17 for seniors, military and kids between 3 and 12. Register in advance at the website above, as capacity is limited.