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C & L Stables


1095 Ives Road
Warwick , RI 02818
401 886 5246
Photo of C & L Stables

Historic Goddard Park has 18 miles of scenic trails overlooking East Greenwich Bay, and a pleasant way to tour them --  atop a horse from C & L Stables.


C & L is very family-oriented, with easy-to-ride horses, and is operated by a mother/daughter team that has more than 40 years of horse riding experience between them. They have great instructors for even timid beginners, and try to avoid sending you out in big groups, preferring small parties with your own trail guide. You can choose either a trail ride or a bayside beach ride, which is a bit more expensive.


It’s always advisable to make a reservation at least 2 hours in advance, but mid-summer is particularly busy, so you may not be able to walk-in.

Photo of C & L Stables